Anti-angiogenic effects of VEGF stimulation on endothelium deficient in phosphoinositide recyclingby Stratman et al.

When not recycling cleans a mess; halting tumor-associated vascular overgrowth by blocking lipid recycling.

Selected by Coert Margadant. Read the preLight here

Profiling the surface proteome identifies actionable biology for TSC1 mutant cells beyond mTORC1 signalingby Wei et al.

Cell surface proteomics reveals new mTORC1-independent functions of TSC1 and suggests new avenues to develop therapies for TSC1-mutant tumours.

Selected by Rob Hynds. Read the preLight here

Precise tuning of gene expression output levels in mammalian cellsby Michaels et al.

Michaels et al use sequence mismatches to engineer synthetic miRNA target sites with variable affinity, making a volume knob for adjusting transgene expression.

Selected by Tim Fessenden. Read the preLight here

LADL: Light-activated dynamic looping for endogenous gene expression controlby Rege et al.

Travelling over long distances: a new study uses blue light to make two (genomic) locations come together – providing an exciting new tool to study gene regulation.

Selected by Ivan Candido-Ferreira. Read the preLight here

Molecular recording of mammalian embryogenesisby Chan et al.

Molecular recording of mammalian development, one cell at a time.

Selected by Hannah Brunsdon. Read the preLight here

Moving beyond P values: Everyday data analysis with estimation plotsby Ho et al.

A visual, intuitive and widely accessible tool could finally help us move from asking “does it?” to “how much?”

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