The landscape of antigen-specific T cells in human cancersby Li et al.

Identifying the specific targets of T cells that can destroy cancer cells is a priority in the field of immunotherapy. Here, the authors use a clustering approach in pan-cancer RNAseq datasets to discover new recurrent targets.

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Molecularly distinct models of zebrafish Myc-induced B cell leukemiaby Borga et al.

ALL together: development and comparison of distinct zebrafish models of B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

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Psychiatric risk gene NT5C2 regulates protein translation in human neural progenitor cellsby Duarte et al.

To in vitro and beyond! Establishing the function of a potential mental illness risk gene, NT5C2, and its role in regulating protein synthesis.

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Unjamming overcomes kinetic and proliferation arrest in terminally differentiated cells and promotes collective motility of carcinomaby Palamidessi et al.

Endocytic growth factor signaling induces proliferation and solid-to-liquid transitions in confluent epithelial tissues in 2D and 3D cell culture.

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Old fibroblasts secrete inflammatory cytokines that drive variability in reprogramming efficiency and may affect wound healing between old individualsby Mahmoudi et al.

Growing older and wiser: researchers reveal a subset of old fibroblasts that promote reprogramming more efficiently than their counterparts.

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Simultaneous multiplexed amplicon sequencing and transcriptome profiling in single cellsby Saikia et al.


High-throughput targeted long-read single cell sequencing reveals the clonal and transcriptional landscape of lymphocytesby Singh et al.

What's all the RAGE: DARTing into uncharted droplet-based scRNA-seq territory.

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Systematic identification of human SNPs affecting regulatory element activityby van Arensbergen et al.

Assessing the regulatory potential of human genetic variation: use of Massively Parallel Reporter Assays to identify >30,000 SNPs that modulate reporter expression.

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