Cryo-EM structure of cardiac amyloid fibrils from an immunoglobulin light chain (AL) amyloidosis patientby Swuec et al.

Zooming in on protein misfolding diseases - the first high-resolution structure of patient-derived light chain amyloid fibrils revealed.

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Comparative analysis of droplet-based ultra-high-throughput single-cell RNA-seq systemsby Zhang et al.

Dropping some knowledge: A systematic comparison of droplet-based single-cell RNA-seq techniques.

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Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals novel cell differentiation dynamics during human airway epithelium regenerationby Garcia et al.

By single cell RNA sequencing airway epithelial cells during their differentiation from basal progenitor cells to mature epithelial cell types, the authors of this preprint throw light on the step-wise differentiation of the respiratory epithelium.

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Evidence for an Integrated Gene Repression Mechanism based on mRNA Isoform Toggling in Human Cellsby Hollerer et al.

Toggling promoters and open reading frames to regulate gene expression.

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PlotsOfData - a web app for visualizing data together with its summariesby Postma and Goedhart

Plot all your data with PlotsOfData

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