An error was published in Dis. Model. Mech. (2017). 10, 1301-1312 (doi: 10.1242/dmm.030114).

A reference was incorrectly cited in the Results section (subsection ‘Inhibition of LO activity reduced TGF-β-induced collagen remodelling in collagen I hydrogels’). The corrected sentence and reference are below.

‘To confirm the role of LO enzymes in fibrillar collagen remodelling, 3D in vitro cell culture experiments using inhibitors of LO activity were performed. β-APN is a non-selective inhibitor of LO activity, whereas Compound A is a specific inhibitor of LOXL2 activity, referred to as PXS-S2A in a recent publication by Chang et al. (2017).’

Chang, J., Lucas, M. C., Leonte, L. E., Garcia-Montolio, M., Singh, L. B., Findlay, A. D., Deodhar, M., Foot, J. S., Jarolimek, W., Timpson, P. et al. (2017). Pre-clinical evaluation of small molecule LOXL2 inhibitors in breast cancer. Oncotarget8, 26066-26078.

The authors apologise to readers for this error.

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