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Disease Models & Mechanisms (DMM) is an Open Access biomedical research journal focusing on the use of model systems to better understand, diagnose and treat human disease.

The primary aim of DMM is to promote human health by inspiring collaboration between basic and clinical researchers in translational science. The journal is committed to presenting rigorously peer-reviewed research that has significant translational impact. The interdisciplinary nature of DMM means that a diverse range of diseases, approaches and models fall within its broad scope. DMM is guided by an international team of expert research-active Editors, led by Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Patton and Deputy Editor-in-Chief Elaine Mardis, and supported by an outstanding Editorial Advisory Board.

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New website

The DMM website has changed following our move to a new publishing platform. If you have any questions, please visit our migration page, which includes more information and FAQs.

DMM Outstanding Paper Prize

DMM is delighted to announce that the winner of the DMM Outstanding Paper Prize 2020 is Sarah Colijn, for her paper entitled Cell-specific and athero-protective roles for RIPK3 in a murine model of atherosclerosis. The prize is awarded to the first author of the paper that is judged by the journal's editors to be the most outstanding contribution to the journal that year.

The prize is just one of the ways in which DMM and The Company of Biologists support early-career researchers. Find out more here

News from DMM

Editor-in-Chief Editorial

In her first Editorial as Editor-in-Chief, Liz Patton sets out her vision and priorities for DMM, focusing on four thematic challenges: mechanisms of disease, innovative technologies, disease progression through time and therapy.

DMM Editor team

DMM has welcomed two new Editors to the team: Editor Rickie Patani and Associate Editor Monkol Lek.

Virtual Meeting - Developmental Disorders: From Mechanism to Treatment

A collaboration between the Development and Disease Models & Mechanisms journal teams, this virtual Meeting will unite developmental biologists, human geneticists and clinical researchers to focus on building bridges from bench to clinic. Register your interest and find out more.

Editor’s Choice

In this month’s Editor’s Choice, Laurence Legeai-Mallet and colleagues show how Fgfr3 hyperactivation affects immature osteoblasts, contributing to the bone modifications observed in achondroplasia.

Featured articles

Two new reviews focus on cancer biology. Hill and Tran provide an overview of how interactions between miRNAs affect their canonical roles in gene expression and how they can contribute to cancer development. In addition, Drew and Machesky discuss how the extracellular matrix affects the liver metastatic niche.

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