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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 16,
Issue 10
October 2023

Disease Models & Mechanisms (DMM) is an Open Access biomedical research journal advancing novel insight into the mechanism, diagnosis and therapy of human disease.

DMM is committed to publishing rigorously peer-reviewed research in disease biology that has significant translational impact at the interface of basic and clinical science. Our content is freely available to our communities of basic and clinical researchers, health professionals, patients and their advocates and families. DMM is interdisciplinary in scope, and covers a diverse range of diseases. We also publish cutting-edge techniques and resources that advance the disease biology field.

DMM is led by an international team of expert research-active Editors, including Editor-in-Chief Liz Patton and Deputy Editor-in-Chief Elaine Mardis, and supported by an outstanding Editorial Advisory Board.

About DMM

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Read & Publish agreements

You might be able to publish in DMM without paying an APC. DMM is included in many of the Read & Publish agreements offered by The Company of Biologists. This enables discounted or fee-free publication of an uncapped number of Open Access Research Articles in DMM for corresponding authors at participating institutions. Find out whether your institute is included.

DMM outstanding paper prize

Each year, DMM awards two £1000 prizes to the first authors of the Research Article and Resource Article that are judged by the journal’s editors to be the most outstanding in the journal that year. If your paper is published in DMM, it will automatically be considered for the outstanding paper prize.

2024 DMM Journal Meeting - Register Now!

Pre-clinical Modelling of Human Genetic Disease and Therapy

Registration is now open for the 2024 DMM Journal Meeting 'Pre-clinical Modelling of Human Genetic Disease and Therapy', organised by Wendy Bickmore, Luke Boulter, Sara Brown, Pleasantine Mill, Liz Patton and Owen Sansom. View our fantastic line up of speakers and find out more.


Crossroads in virology: current challenges and future perspectives in the age of emerging viruses

Sumana Sanyal emphasises the urgent need for concerted efforts towards understanding virus-host interactions to inform the development of therapeutics and vaccines, and help predict disease outcomes.

A Model for Life

Playing the genetic lottery: an interview with Kiran Musunuru

Kiran Musunuru has pioneered large-scale human genetic studies and applied emerging genetic tools to study disease mechanisms. In this interview, we discuss some of his most exciting research, as well as the future of genetic research and gene editing therapies.


Nuclear mechanosensing of the aortic endothelium in health and disease

Aaren Mannion and Lars Holmgren explore how shear stress exerted on endothelial cells of the aorta is sensed by nuclei and the implications of these mechanisms in aortic disease.

How metals fuel fungal virulence, yet promote anti-fungal immunity

Alanoud Alselami and Rebecca Drummond review the mechanisms regulating fungal scavenging and detoxification of copper, iron and zinc, and the importance of these mechanisms for virulence and infection.

Editor's choice

A systematic approach identifies p53-DREAM pathway target genes associated with blood or brain abnormalities by Jeanne Rakotopare, Vincent Lejour, Carla Duval, Eliana Eldawra, Hugues Escoffier and Franck Toledo

In this month’s Editor’s choice Research Article, Franck Toledo and colleagues explore the core role of p53 in several blood and brain abnormalities. They reveal several potentially pathological mechanisms that involve the DREAM pathway and highlight parallels between the pathologies.

We summarize this study here and highlight the workflow developed by the authors to enable the examination of the DREAM complex in a range of diseases.

Also in this issue

Brain glycogen in Huntingdon’s disease

Anti-inflammatory roles of HDAC inhibitors

Transcriptomic analysis of diabetic kidney disease

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