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Cover suggestions

Cover suggestions are always welcome (usually from an article in the issue) and should ideally be submitted as a supplementary data file(s) during manuscript submission. For manuscripts post-acceptance, cover suggestions can be emailed to the Editorial Office.

Please supply a high-resolution file 23 cm width by 24 cm height [saved as high resolution 300 pixels/inch TIFF or JPG (maximum quality) in RGB mode]. If you wish to submit several images for use as a 'montage', please also supply a mock-up of how you envisage the individual images would be combined. Authors are welcome to supply a mock-up of a potential cover, but original images will still be required.

Please supply a cover caption of less than 100 words; this should explain the image(s) and link it to your article and the field as a whole. It should also provide any picture credits, if necessary.

The cover for each issue is chosen by the Editor-in-Chief and/or Executive Editor, whose decision is final.

For previous examples of Development covers, please refer to our archive.

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