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Conference attendance

The Development team (academic and in-house editors) regularly attends conferences in the fields of developmental biology and stem cells. We love meeting our readers, (potential) authors and reviewers at these events and welcome the opportunity to network. Please feel free to reach out to us before the event via the details listed below, or come and find us on-site.

Upcoming events

Joint SDB 81st Annual Meeting and PASEDB 4th Biennial Meeting
17-20 July 2022 - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Come and find us at the stand of The Company of Biologists (booth # to be confirmed)
Attending editors: Swathi Arur, Samantha Morris, Seema Grewal, Helen Zenner

FASEB SRC, The Mechanism of Plant Development Conference
24-29 July 2022 - Saxtons River, VT, USA
Attending editor: Alex Eve

European Worm Meeting
27-30 July 2022 - Vienna, Austria
Attending editor: Swathi Arur

Gordon Research Conference, Neural development meeting
7-12 August 2022 - Newport, RI, United States
Attending editor: Debra Silver

Santa Cruz Developmental Biology meeting
17-20 July 2022 - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Attending editors: James Briscoe, Samantha Morris

20th International Conference of the Society of Differentiation in conjunction with the British Society for Developmental Biology
4-8 September 2022 - Valletta, Malta
Attending editors: Samantha Morris, Alex Eve

Development Journal Meeting 2022 – From Stem Cells to Human Development
11-14 September 2022 - Wotton House, Surrey, UK
Several of our Editors and members of in-house staff will be in attendance

Hydra XV
13-19 September 2022 - Hydra, Greece
Attending editor: James Wells

6th TRR81 International Symposium on Chromatin Changes in Differentiation and Malignancies
27-29 September 2022 - Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands
Attending editor: James Briscoe

27-30 September 2022 - Melbourne, Australia
Attending editor: Patrick Tam

19th International Congress of Developmental Biology
16-20 October 2022 - Algarve, Portugal
Come and find us at the stand of The Company of Biologists (booth # to be confirmed)
Attending editors: James Briscoe, Katherine Brown, Seema Grewal

Neuroscience 2022
12-15 November 2022 - San Diego, CA, USA
Attending editor: Debra Silver


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