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Conference attendance

The Development team (academic and in-house editors) regularly attends conferences in the fields of developmental biology and stem cells. We love meeting our readers, (potential) authors and reviewers at these events and welcome the opportunity to network. Please feel free to reach out to us before the event via the details listed below, or come and find us on-site.

Upcoming events 


Stem Cell Niche
21- 15 May - Copenhagen, Denmark
Attending editors: Daniel Routledge, Samantha MorrisElizabeth Robertson

Growth and regeneration during development and aging
22-26 May - Roscoff, France
Attending editors: Laura Hankins and Irene Miguel-Aliaga

The Great Lakes Developmental Biology Meeting
28-29 May - Toronto, Canada
Attending editors: Benoit Bruneau, Elizabeth Robertson

Gordon Research Conference - Tissue Repair and Regeneration
28 May – 2 June - New London, NH, US
Attending editor: Kenneth Poss

Gordon Research Conference - Neurotrophic Mechanisms in Health and Disease
28 May – 2 June - Newport, RI, US
Attending editor: Debra Silver

Cortical Evolution meeting
21-23 June - Burgos, Spain
Attending editor: Debra Silver

Gordon Research Conference - Developmental Biology
25-30 June 2023 - South Hadley, MA, US
Attending editors: Swathi Arur, James Briscoe, Alex EveKenneth Poss

Advances in Stem Cell Biology course
26 June - 8 July 2023 - Paris, France
Attending editor: James Wells

87th Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Symposium on Quantitative Biology - Stem Cells
31 May - 5 June 2023 - Cold Spring Harbor, USA
Attending editors: Alex Eve, James Wells

EMBO Workshop - Physics of living systems: From physical principles to biological function
3-7 July 2023 - Dresden, Germany
Attending editor: Cassandra Extavour

12th European Zebrafish meeting
9-13 July 20223 - Krakow, Poland
Attending editor: Kenneth Poss

Society for Developmental Biology 82nd Annual Meeting
20-23 July 2023 - Chicago, US
Attending editors: Swathi Arur, Dominique Bergmann, Katherine Brown

Gordon Research Conference - Fertilization and Activation of Development
23-28 July 2023 - Holderness, NH, US
Attending editor: Swathi Arur

KITP Dynamics of Self-Organization in Animal and Plant Development
24 July - 25 August 2023 - Santa Barbara, CA, US
Attending editor: Cassandra Extavour

International Society for Regenerative Biology Conference
3-6 September 2023 - Vienna, Austria
Attending editor: Kenneth Poss

EMBO Workshop - Gene regulatory mechanisms in neural fate
7-10 September - Alicante, Spain
Attending editor: Debra Silver

EMBO Workshop - Developmental metabolism: flows of energy, matter and information
12-15 September - Heidelberg, Germany
Attending editor: Irene Miguel-Aliaga

Development Journal Meeting - Unconventional and Emerging Experimental Organisms in Cell and Developmental Biology
17-20 September - Dorking, UK
Attending editors: Swathi ArurJames Briscoe, Katherine Brown, Cassandra Extavour

27th European Drosophila Research Conference
20-23 October - Lyon, France
Attending editor: Irene Miguel-Aliaga

Cell Bio 2023
2-6 December 2023 - Boston, MA, US
Attending editor: Swathi Arur


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