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Article transfer to Biology Open

If your paper is rejected from Development, you can elect to transfer it to Biology Open (BiO), an Open Access journal also published by The Company of Biologists, for editorial consideration.

Launched in 2011, BiO is an Open Access journal that publishes rigorously conducted high-quality research.

Why transfer to BiO

There’s no need to repeat the submission process or reformat your manuscript.

Transfer from Development with a single click.

You also have the opportunity to revise the article in response to any transferred reviews.

You get rapid editorial decisions from research-active academic Editors including Alissa Armstrong, Maureen Barr and Tristan Rodríguez in a team led by Editor-in-Chief Daniel Gorelick.

Transfer with existing reviews and you can usually avoid the need for further rounds of review – and get a decision in an average of 10 days.

All articles are indexed by PubMed, PMC, Scopus and Web of Science.

BiO charges a fee of $1995 – with no other page or colour charges.

To find out more about the transfer option and see who has published in BiO in your field, please visit here.

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