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Summary: This Spotlight highlights how mass spectrometry analysis of single cells can enable protein quantification and help the identification of their roles in developmental mechanisms.


Summary: This Primer introduces hydrogel technologies and discusses how engineered hydrogels can advance our understanding of developmental biology.


Summary: Analysis of prostate organoids generated by co-culture of rat seminal vesicle mesenchyme with human iPSCs in vitro and RNA sequencing of rat tissue known to induce prostate development identifies candidate drivers of prostate development.

Highlighted Article: Human hindbrain neuroepithelial stem cells differentiated in vitro to cerebellar granule neurons (CGN) recapitulate key human-specific progenitor states, establishing a new system for developmental and disease modeling purposes.


Highlighted Article: This study identifies a crucial role of Kinesin-1 in centrosome clustering required for nuclear positioning and migration in the Drosophila oocyte.

Summary: Using FACS and DNA methyl-seq capture approaches, a detailed timing and mapping of DNA methylation was generated at key developmental stages of spermatogenesis in rat.

Summary: The chromatin remodelling SWI/SNF subunit Snr1 acts as a regulator of expression of transcription factors that direct cell differentiation in the developing brain.

Summary: Positioning of synovial joints is a crucial factor that governs limb architecture and functionality. RA-FGF signaling gradients define the expression domain of Barx1, which, in turn, induces the first joint site.


Summary: A new and fully available method based on machine learning can detect automatically cellular events (including cell extrusion, cell division and cell differentiation) from fluorescent movies of epithelia in vivo.

Summary: A description of a set of imaging-based tools for automated 3D analyses and functional live manipulations in vivo of the germline cyst, a cellular hub for oocyte production, in the zebrafish ovary.

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