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Summary: This Hypothesis article describes how global DNA methylation serves as the basis of a master plan for managing the accessibility of genome regulatory elements controlling gene expression profiles during development.


Summary:In vivo articular cartilage regeneration serves as a model to develop novel approaches for engineering cartilage to repair damaged joints and identifies fibroblasts as a BMP9-inducible chondroprogenitor.

Highlighted Article: We identified a novel group of plastic cells, which undergo rapid conversion into functional insulin expressing cells. This rapid cell conversion may hold the key to the extraordinary ability of zebrafish to recover from diabetes even after its β-cells are completely destroyed.

Summary: VEGFC plays a role in maintaining hematopoietic stem cell fate decisions within the hemogenic endothelium, a finding which may have the potential to improve pluripotent stem cell differentiation protocols.


Highlighted Article: The Hox gene Antp controls the expression of shade to regulate 20-hydroxyecdysone biosynthesis and drives the expression of cuticular protein genes in wing discs.

Summary: The multinucleated embryo of the fruit fly D. melanogaster distributes nuclei with the help of centrosome-organised microtubule asters, with ordering dynamically adapting to synchronous nuclear divisions, mitotic failures and being independent of cortical actin organisation.

Summary: A premature switch in the fate of cells along the margin of the Drosophila eye prevents the initiation of pattern formation, indicating that the timing of cell fate decisions is vital for successful eye development.

Highlighted Article: Activation of β-catenin in bipotent Schwann cell precursors during a specific developmental window induces Mitf and represses FoxD3 to promote melanoblast cell fate at the expense of Schwann cells in limbs.

Summary: Myomaker+ fusion-competent myoblasts are preferentially localized to the central part of the foetal muscle, suggesting a central regionalization of myoblast fusion. NOTCH signalling transcriptionally regulates the myomaker-dependent fusion gene.

Summary: Embryonic expression of Pthlha precedes Ihha in establishing the negative-feedback loop that regulates endochondral growth zone formation and establishment of this pattern depends on the force of muscle contraction.

Highlighted Article: This study identifies a previously unreported mechanical signaling pathway through Yap and retinoic acid that regulates lung branching morphogenesis.

Summary: Astrocyte-intrinsic and -extrinsic activities of the Fat1 cadherin influence astrocyte migration polarity, proliferation and maturation. Their disruption impacts retinal vascular development and maintenance.

Summary: The Foxn3 transcription factor and microRNA miR-216b can modulate formation of amacrine cells in the developing mouse retina, suggesting a new regulatory pathway for retinal interneuron formation.

Summary: C2CD6 contains a calcium-dependent membrane targeting C2 domain and is associated with and regulates the localization and organization of the CatSper calcium channel complex in mouse sperm flagella.

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