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Summary: This Primer evaluates the ideas that underpin developing models for eRNA function, exploring cases in which perturbed eRNA function contributes to disease.


Summary: This Review presents the intrinsic and extrinsic mechanical forces acting on the embryonic gut and their determining role in structuring the development of this organ.


Summary: Csf1rb, a zebrafish homolog of mammalian CSF1R, regulates definitive hematopoiesis by modulating the proliferation of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells.


Summary:ISX-like homeobox gene is an FGF signalling-dependent transcription factor responsible for the formation of the apical tuft in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis.

Highlighted Article: Target-dependent suppression of siRNA production helps to distinguish self versus nonself siRNAs in C. elegans germline and adds complexity to RNAi-mediated epigenetics.

Summary: CTP synthase regulates border cell cluster migration in Drosophila by tuning the distribution of PIP2 and PI3P at the leading edge, promoting endocytic recycling and polarized distribution of RTKs.

Summary: PFN4-deficient male mice exhibit impaired acrosome formation and malformation of the manchette, leading to amorphous sperm head shape, flagellar abnormalities and sterility.

Highlighted Article: The transcription factor Etv4 is required for correct epidermal innervation and function of peptidergic sensory neurons, regulating the expression of molecules associated with axonal growth and pain transduction.

Summary: Cfap53 colocalizes with centrosomal and centriolar satellite proteins at the MTOC during the first zygotic cell division where it facilitates the recruitment of γ-tubulin and formation of the mitotic spindle.

Summary: A network representation of live cell imaging data from shoot apical meristems in Arabidopsis thaliana is used to predict cell division events and their consequences at a tissue level.

Highlighted Article: A systematic analysis of integrated expression patterns of Wnt signalling pathway component-encoding genes and canonical pathway read-out, spatially mapped in 3D to mouse embryo models identifies co-expression territories.


Summary: A detailed characterization in Drosophila of the fluorescent protein mBeRFP, demonstrating its suitability for in vivo live imaging and for quantitative experiments in combination with other fluorescent proteins.

Summary: Non-invasive high-resolution echography shows that GI contractions occur during fetal development and progress from an uncoordinated pattern to a more coordinated profile, highlighting the role of the ENS in stomach contraction synchronization.

Summary: FRaeppli, a next-generation four-colour cell labelling tool for zebrafish, features versatile spatiotemporal activation, high-speed imaging options and spectral compatibility with green and infrared markers facilitating cell shape and lineage analysis.

Summary: Single cell analysis of embryonic mouse mandibular ectoderm identifies distinct populations with defined gene regulatory networks and unveils epithelial zones that form progressively during oral-aboral patterning.

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