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Summary: This Review summarizes the current knowledge of mammalian tracheal development, which is distinct from lung in large part, and discusses the generation of tracheal tissues from human pluripotent stem cells.

Summary: This Review discusses emerging quantitative principles for how embryos coordinate cell cycle timing and morphogenesis.


Summary: The generation of a publicly available SWATH-MS global spectral library of human second-trimester primary villous cytotrophoblasts differentiating along an invasive pathway.

Summary: This study reveals the indispensable role of the lncRNA HBL1 in guiding PRC2 function during early human cardiogenesis, and uncovers the crosstalk of the cytosolic and nuclear regions of HBL1 to orchestrate human cardiac development.


Summary: Floor-plate cilia planar polarization is crucial for cerebrospinal fluid directional flow in the zebrafish embryo nervous system. We describe the polarization dynamics involved and show that they depend on Par3 enrichment.

Summary: Genetic screening and in vivo conditional knockout studies show that Aurkb is required for early lung branching morphogenesis but not necessary for postnatal growth and repair of the adult lung after injury.

Highlighted Article: MTHFR deficiency results in sperm DNA hypomethylation of regions enriched in potentially active young retrotransposons that are targets of a piRNA- and DNMT3C-dependent de novo DNA methylation pathway, leading to reproductive defects that are more severe in subsequent generations.

Highlighted Article: A transcriptome atlas of Arabidopsis embryos constructed from single nuclei reveals cell-specific epigenetic and transcriptional regulatory features.

Summary: Synergistic molecular regulation of IFT20 and GMAP210 is required for intramembranous ossification, which has not been previously characterized in skull formation.

Highlighted Article: Compressive versus tensile stress regulates valve development through a molecular switch potentiating BMP-pSMAD1/5-driven growth and pSer-19-MLC2-driven contractility.

Summary: RNF114 exerts the effect of a ubiquitin E3 ligase in mouse oocytes under physiological conditions, mediating the degradation of substrates such as CBX5 and TAB1 for subsequent major zygotic genomic activation.


Summary: Comprehensive characterization of embryonic development in the acoel worm Hofstenia miamia with accompanying transcriptome data highlight its potential as a model species for insights into embryogenesis and stem cell biology.

Summary: We developed two complementary approaches in preimplantation mouse embryos, to enhance the efficiency of detecting endogenous proteins in vivo.

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