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Summary: Roberto Mayor discusses the role serendipity has played in his career, why we need a more holistic view of the cell during development, and the challenges and potential of science in Latin America.


Summary: This Development at a Glance article gives an overview of the complexity of regulatory landscapes, highlighting different modes of action for controlling gene expression and the techniques that can be used to study them.


Summary: This Review provides an overview of the root clock, including some ideas for further research to unravel its mysteries.


Summary:Xenopus tail regeneration requires a hierarchy of cellular events initiated by the myeloid lineage and culminating in the mobilization of regeneration-organizing cells.

Highlighted Article: Amniote epiblast reaches full epithelialization status before gastrulation. A partial mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition process regulates its pluripotency exit.

Summary: Single-cell RNAseq analysis is used to examine molecular changes in testicular germ and somatic cells during perinatal period transitions, identifying new cell subsets and stage-specific markers.


Summary:Drosophila spermathecal secretory lineage uses different strengths of Notch signaling that are activated by different ligand use and regulated by different endocytic mechanisms.

Summary: This study has identified a novel function for the FGF pathway as a key regulator of myotube guidance during myogenesis, along with a unique experimental framework to further investigate the mechanisms involved.

Summary: Optical tweezing of cell junctions in the epiblast of early gastrulation chick embryos shows that junctional directional tension is coincident with myosin planar cell polarity and directional cell intercalation.

Summary: Genetic analyses reveal a novel pathway that regulates Drosophila peripheral wrapping glia growth, providing a new mechanistic insight into the process by which axons are ensheathed in vivo.

Highlighted Article: An inhibitory field model for organ initiation reproduces the diversity in bilaterally symmetric floral organ arrangements, which depends on the relative strength of dorsal-to-ventral inhibitions.

Summary: Cardiopharyngeal mesoderm, source of heart and head muscles, unexpectedly gives rise to a broad range of pharyngeal structures implicated in muscle patterning, pharyngeal pathology and evolution.

Summary: Granule neuron proliferation is regulated at distinct rates in different cerebellar regions through spatially defined interactions of Sufu with Gli activator and repressor proteins, and through the repression of Fgf8 signalling.

Highlighted Article: Inositol polyphosphate-5-phosphatase E attenuates sonic hedgehog signal transduction through a combination of positive and negative regulatory roles that likely control the relative timing of Gli processing.

Highlighted Article: Axonal miR-26a can regulate GSK3β translation in the axon to promote retrograde communication to the soma in a mechanism that modulates axon development.


Highlighted Article: Non-coding RNA profiling identifies cell type-specific enhancer elements in the developing mouse retina.

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