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Summary: John White reflects on the life and work of John Sulston, a pioneer in developmental studies of the nematode C. elegans.


Summary: This article highlights the diverse, context-dependent roles that Toll/TLRs play beyond innate immunity in determining cell fate and differentiation, including during competition for light in plants and in neurotrophism and plasticity in the CNS.


Summary: This Review discusses how gene duplication and divergence are interwoven with neuronal complexity in Drosophila and vertebrates, highlighting atonal as a platform for understanding proneural gene structure and regulation.


Summary: Studies using alveolar organoids and in vivo alveolar regrowth post-pneumonectomy establish many dynamic and cell-type-specific roles for BMP signaling in regulating adult alveolar regeneration.

Summary: Secretion of NGF, upregulated by Hes1, by biliary epithelial cells and adjacent mesenchymal cells guides TUBB3-positive nerve fiber extension and regeneration in the hepatic nervous system.


Highlighted Article: Retinoic acid induces locally controlled morphological and transcriptional changes in chordoblasts that lead to segmental notochord sheath mineralization, identifying chordoblasts as key skeletogenic cells during chordacentrum development in zebrafish.


Summary: Kinesin-dependent uniform plus-end-in microtubule organization is required for efficient c4da neuron microtubule breakdown and dendrite pruning in the Drosophila PNS during early pupal phase.

Summary: ECM heparan sulfate proteoglycans are cell-autonomous regulators of ENS development in mouse and chick, with Col18 expression at the wavefront being permissive and agrin expression post-colonization being inhibitory to ENCDC migration.

Summary: Chemical and genetic disruption of the Wnt-PCP pathway disrupts apical actomyosin contraction and cell rearrangements essential for tissue folding, resulting in neural tube closure defects such as spina bifida.

Highlighted Article: Live imaging demonstrates that neural tube progenitors differentiate when displaced from the apical surface, allowing negative feedback control on cell number.

Summary: The Crb complex, Par complex and the endocytic recycling machinery ensure a polarized distribution of aPKC required for actin-based protrusion formation during remodeling of border cell polarity in the Drosophila ovary.

Highlighted Article: A proliferation-independent requirement for the tumor suppressor NF2 (merlin) in intrahepatic bile duct formation during mouse liver development elucidates a novel self-organizing model of duct morphogenesis.

Summary: Co-expression of Rnf12 with Lhx2 in the retina is both necessary and sufficient for Müller gliogenesis, identifying a novel molecular switching mechanism that regulates retinal neurogenesis and gliogenesis.

Highlighted Article: The Arabidopsis transcription factor SHOOT MERISTEMLESS coordinates multiple aspects of meristem function by regulating the expression of other transcription factors with key roles in pluripotency and pattern formation.

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