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Model systems for regeneration

This series of articles aims to highlight key model systems and species that are currently being used to study tissue and organ regeneration. Each article provides background information about the phylogenetic position of the species, its life-cycle and habitat, the different organs and tissues that regenerate, and the experimental tools and techniques that are available for studying these organisms in a regenerative context. Importantly, these articles also give examples of how the study of these models has increased our understanding of regenerative mechanisms more broadly, and how some of the open questions in the field of regeneration may be answered using these organisms.

Mabel Maria Mathew; Kalika Prasad
Donald T. Fox; Erez Cohen; Rachel Smith-Bolton
Lauren S. Phipps; Lindsey Marshall; Karel Dorey; Enrique Amaya
Malcolm Maden; Justin A. Varholick
Matthias C. Vogg; Brigitte Galliot; Charisios D. Tsiairis
Ines J. Marques; Eleonora Lupi; Nadia Mercader
Mario Ivankovic; Radmila Haneckova; Albert Thommen; Markus A. Grohme; Miquel Vila-Farré; Steffen Werner; Jochen C. Rink
Alberto Joven; Ahmed Elewa; András Simon
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