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Focus on stem cells

Stem cells are inextricably linked with developmental biology. They underpin the formation and maintenance of our tissues, and are activated after injury to enable repair. To showcase the great breadth of research that we publish in Development, this collection highlights recent research and review-type articles from the past year describing the use of embryonic and adult pluripotent stem cells, as well as 2D and 3D stem cell-based models, to understand the stem cell niche, cell fate determination, differentiation and pluripotency.

Collated to accompany the International Society for Stem Cell Research 2024 conference, we hope you find this collection interesting. Development also welcomes your submissions for consideration by our expert Academic Editors in the field including James Briscoe, Matthias Lutolf, Peter Rugg-Gunn and James Wells

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    Paul B. Huber; Anjali Rao; Carole LaBonne
    Margaret Hung; Hsiao-Fan Lo; Aviva G. Beckmann; Deniz Demircioglu; Gargi Damle; Dan Hasson; Glenn L. Radice; Robert S. Krauss
    Josefine Rågård Christiansen; Agnete Kirkeby
    Emily A. Bulger; Ivana Muncie-Vasic; Ashley R. G. Libby; Todd C. McDevitt; Benoit G. Bruneau
    Hsiu-Chuan Lin; Aly Makhlouf; Camila Vazquez Echegaray; Dorota Zawada; Filipa Simões
    Hannah J. Glover; Holly Holliday; Rachel A. Shparberg; David Winkler; Margot Day; Michael B. Morris
    Daniela Doda; Sara Alonso Jimenez; Hubert Rehrauer; Jose F. Carreño; Victoria Valsamides; Stefano Di Santo; Hans R. Widmer; Albert Edge; Heiko Locher; Wouter H. van der Valk; Jingyuan Zhang; Karl R. Koehler; Marta Roccio
    Fidelia B. Alvina; Tanysha Chi-Ying Chen; Hui Yi Grace Lim; Nick Barker
    Christopher B. Cooke; Christopher Barrington; Peter Baillie-Benson; Jennifer Nichols; Naomi Moris
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