The patterns of distribution of both total mesenchymal cells and the ratios of [3H]thymidinelabelled to total cells were mapped during secondary palatal shelf reorientation in vivo and in vitro. Smoothed spatial averaging, a computer-assisted method which takes into account the positions of all cells across an entire histological section of the shelf, was employed. Changes in shelf cross-sectional area and cell size were also measured. Three shelf regions, anterior and posterior presumptive hard and presumptive soft palate, were studied at developmental stages which were 30, 24 and 18 h prior to expected in vivo elevation, after in vivo reorientation and during the course of in vitro reorientation. Region-specific patterns of cell distribution change with shelf reorientation. These changes were observable within 6 h. Increases in cell number by cell division may enhance some high local cell densities, but cannot account for decreases in cell density. Increase in cell size is not a factor in decreasing cell density, nor is cell death. Displacement of cells by expansion of the extracellular matrix may be involved.

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