Laboratory evolution of flies to morphogen dosage via rapid maternal changes reveals predictable outcomes by Xueying C. Li et al.

To ‘big embryo’ (BE), or not to BE, that's the question.

Selected by Girish Kale. Read the preLight here.

Coordinated growth of linked epithelia is mediated by the Hippo pathway by Sophia Friesen, Iswar K. Hariharan

Roses are red, violets are blue, when the disk proper grows, hippo stretches peripodial epithelium too.

Selected by Girish Kale. Read the preLight here.

Conserved Chamber-Specific Polyploidy Maintains Heart Function in Drosophila by Archan Chakraborty et al.

The importance of being in the right place, with the right ploidy, at the right time- and how not to mend broken hearts.

Selected by Anastasia Moraiti. Read the preLight here.

Insm1 regulates the development of mTECs and immune tolerance by Wehuai Tao et al.

A new player in establishing immune tolerance: How Insm1 regulates mTEC gene expression.

Selected by Marina Schernthanner and Jessica Chevallier. Read the preLight here.

Nutrient-regulated dynamics of chondroprogenitors in the postnatal murine growth plate by Takeshi Oichi et al.

Fasted bones grow fast later: chondroprogenitors in the growth plate of murine long bones adapt to dietary restriction, leading to catch-up growth during refeeding.

Selected by Alberto Rosello-Diez and Boya (Hannah) Zhang and Chee Ho H'ng. Read the preLight here.

Small leucine-rich proteoglycans inhibit CNS regeneration by modifying the structural and mechanical properties of the lesion environment by Julia Kolb et al.

Who is the culprit? Small leucine-rich proteoglycans inhibit axonal regrowth in the lesioned zebrafish spinal cord by changing the structure and mechanics of the extracellular matrix.

Selected by Laura Celotto. Read the preLight here.

The phosphodiesterase 2A regulates lymphatic endothelial development via cGMP-mediated control of Notch signaling by Claudia Carlantoni et al.

An essential function for the phosphodiesterase 2A during regulation of lymphatic vessel maturation.

Selected by Andreas van Impel and Sanjay Sunil Kumar. Read the preLight here.

A transcriptional and regulatory map of mouse somitogenesis by Ximena Ibarra-Soria et al.

Somitogenesis: common and divergent maturation programmes along the anteroposterior axis.

Selected by Sergio Menchero. Read the preLight here.

Bovine blastocyst like structures derived from stem cell cultures by Carlos A. Pinzón-Arteaga et al.

A new livestock embryo model from a self-renewing source.

Selected by Carly Guiltinan. Read the preLight here.

Mechanical forces across compartments coordinate cell shape and fate transitions to generate tissue architecture by Clémentine Villeneuve et al.

It takes two to tango: coordinated mechanical contributions from epithelium and dermal fibroblasts help break symmetry for downgrowth and fate patterns in mouse hair follicles.

Selected by Sudeepa Nandi. Read the preLight here.

A patterned human heart tube organoid model generated by pluripotent stem cell self-assembly by Brett Volmert et al.

A patterned human heart tube organoid model generated by pluripotent stem cell self-assembly.

Selected by Silvia Becca. Read the preLight here.

Gene complementation analysis suggests that dodder plants (Cuscuta spp.) do not depend on the host FT protein for flowering by Sina Mäckelmann et al.

Host-independent flowering of Cuscuta spp. reignites the search for a ‘Florigen’.

Selected by Gwendolyn K. Kirschner and Marc Somssich. Read the preLight here.

Plasmodesmal connectivity in C4 Gynandropsis gynandra is induced by light and dependent on photosynthesis by Tina B. Schreier et al.

Light and photosynthesis trigger plasmodesmal formation in C4 dicotyledons.

Selected by Yueh Cho. Read the preLight here.