A round-up of preLights posts related to preprints in developmental biology, posted between mid-January 2022 and early-May 2022

FGF signalling promotes precursor spreading for adult adipogenesis in Drosophila by Lei et al.

Out with the old, in with the new: during fly metamorphosism the adult fat body develops de novo with a hand from FGF signalling

Selected by Anastasia Moraiti, read the preLight here

Cell Rearrangement Generates Pattern Emergence as a Function of Temporal Morphogen Exposure by Fulton et al.

What does it take to study patterning in a tissue as it grows? “Live modelling” combines cell tracking, quantitative imaging, and mathematical modelling to give insight into how cell movements tune morphogen exposure

Selected by Andrew Montequin, read the preLight here

Synthetic memory circuits for programmable cell reconfiguration in plants by Lloyd et al. and Synthetic genetic circuits enable reprogramming of plant roots by Brophy et al.

Synthetic gene circuits – a promising way to create ideotypical plant architecture

Selected by Gwendolyn K. Kirschner, read the preLight here

Combinatorial interactions of Hox genes establish appendage diversity of the amphipod crustacean Parhyale hawaiensis by Alberstat et al. and Distinct regulation of Hox genes by Polycomb Group genes in a crustacean by Sun et al.

A double feature on crustacean Hox regulation

Selected by Olivia Tidswell, read the preLight here

A cell fate decision map reveals abundant direct neurogenesis in the human developing neocortex by Coquand et al.

In the spotlight: how human neural progenitors were caught red-handed

Selected by Juan Moriano, read the preLight here

Absolute scaling of Single-Cell Transcriptomes Reveals Pervasive Hypertranscription in Adult Stem and Progenitor Cells by Kim & Ramalho-Santos

Quantifying the absolute RNA content of single cells is possible for existing data sets and biologically relevant

Selected by Vanessa Luzak, read the preLight here

Developmentally programmed epigenome regulates cellular plasticity at the parental-to-zygote transition by Gleason et al.

Cha-cha-cha…Histones coordinated dance during development

Selected by Chee Kiang Ewe, read the preLight here

Annelid functional genomics reveal the origins of bilaterian life cycles by Liang et al.

Could the timing of trunk formation be a major driver in larval evolution?

Selected by Paul Bump, read the preLight here

Microglia integration into human midbrain organoids leads to increased neuronal maturation and functionality by Sabate-Soler et al.

Ever wondered how we can model the human brain in a dish? Organoids and assembloids mimic the structure and complexity of the human brain

Selected by Emma Wilson, read the preLight here

Microstructured hydrogels to guid self-assembly and function of lung alveolospheres by Loebel et al.

Hyaluronic acid-based hydrogels with microcavities can be used to generate uniform lung alveolospheres

Selected by Julio Sainz de Aja, read the preLight here

Species-specific mitochondria dynamics and metabolism regulate the timing of neuronal development by Iwata et al.

Metabolism regulates developmental timing

Selected by Meng Zhu, read the preLight here