In Development 142, 2704-2718, the data presented in Figure 2F indicated that there was a significant reduction in acetylated microtubules in stage Ia and Ib dachsous1b oocytes compared with wild-type oocytes, but that dachsous1b and wild-type oocytes were comparable by stage II of oogenesis. Based on these data and other oocyte analyses reported in the paper, we concluded that dachsous1b oogenesis is largely unaffected. The second author (M.M.F.) admitted that, without the knowledge of the other authors, she manipulated the stage Ia and stage Ib mutant data shown in the original Figure 2F. Therefore, we repeated this experiment and examined five wild-type and five dachsous mutant ovaries (>20 oocytes per genotype per stage), and found no significant differences in acetylated microtubules between wild-type and dachsous mutant oocytes at any of the stages examined. These new data, which are presented in the corrected figure (below), further support the overall conclusion reported in the original paper that oogenesis is intact in dachsous1b mutants. As the major conclusions of the paper are not affected, the journal editors – following consultation with all authors and the Academic Affairs Committee at Albert Einstein College of Medicine – have agreed that a Correction should be provided, with an explanation of the circumstances. This course of action complies with the journal's policy on correction of issues in the scientific record, which states: ‘Should an error appear in a published article that affects scientific meaning or author credibility but does not affect the overall results and conclusions of the paper, our policy is to publish a Correction’. We regret any confusion this may have caused.