There was an error published in Development141, 816-829.

Edwin W. Rubel was omitted from the authorship of the paper. The correct author list and affiliations appears above.

In addition the Acknowledgements and Author contributions sections should read as follows.


We thank L. Tong and R. Palmiter (University of Washington) for Pou4f3DTR/+ mice and discussion; S. Baker (St. Jude) for Atoh1-CreERTM mice and discussion; R. Kageyama (Kyoto University) for Hes5-nlsLacZ mice; P. Chambon (Institut Genetique Biologie Moleculaire Cellulaire) for the CreERT2 construct; S. Heller (Stanford University) for the anti-espin antibody and critical reading, J. Corwin, J. Burns and other members of the Corwin laboratory (University of Virginia) as well as members of our laboratories for discussion and critical comments; S. Connell, V. Frohlich, Y. Ouyang and J. Peters (St. Jude) for expertise in confocal imaging; A. Xue, V. Nookala, N. Pham, A. Vu, G. Huang and W. Liu (Stanford University) for excellent technical support; and L. Boykins (University of Memphis), R. Martens and J. Goodwin (University of Alabama) for assistance and expertise in scanning electron microscopy.

Author contributions

B.C.C., R.C., E.W.R., A.G.C. and J.Z. developed the concepts or approach; B.C.C., R.C., A.L., Z.L., L.Z., D.-H.N., K.C., K.A.S., J.F., A.G.C. and J.Z. performed experiments or data analysis; B.C.C., R.C., A.G.C. and J.Z. prepared or edited the manuscript prior to submission.

The authors apologise to readers for this mistake.