There were errors published in Development137, 671-680.

We recently discovered that the genotypes of several strains that we reported as daf-16(mu86) actually carry the daf-16(m26) allele. Correct genotypes for strains listed in Tables S1 and S3 and those used in experiments reported in Fig. 3C and Fig. S2C and related text and legends are:

  • DR1309: daf-16(m26); daf-2(e1370)

  • GC967: daf-16(m26); glp-1(ar202); naEx148 [pGP30(DAF-16::GFP) + sur-5::GFP]

  • GC1109: daf-16(m26); daf-2(e1370); naEx202[pGC461 (Plag-2::daf-16::GFP) + pRF4]

  • GC1112: daf-16(m26); daf-2(e1370); naEx148[pGP30 (daf-16::GFP) + sur-5::GFP]

  • GC1144: daf-16(m26);daf-2(e1370); naIs43[pGC492(Prpl-11.1::daf-16cDNA::GFP::nos2 3′UTR unc-119(+))]. Note that the legend to Table S1 indicates that expression of the daf-16::GFP transgene in GC1144 was silenced subsequent to data collection.

The conclusions of the paper are not altered by these errors. The authors apologise to readers for these mistakes.