There were errors published in Development139, 859-870.

The legend to Fig. 3E should read: Percentage of gonad arms containing meiotic (differentiated) nuclei in rsks-1, glp-1(ar202) and glp-1(ar202) rsks-1 (n=22, 21, 59) at the indicated stages.

Two strains reported as bearing daf-16(mu86) actually carry the daf-16(m26) allele. Correct genotypes for these strains listed in Tables S1, S6 and S7 and in experiments reported in Fig. 4A and Fig. 5E, as well as related text and legends are:

  • GC1238: rrf-1(pk1417) daf-16(m26)

  • VB1040: daf-16(m26); rsks-1(sv31).

The conclusions of the paper are not altered by these errors. The authors apologise to readers for these mistakes.