There was an error published in Development140, 2972-2984.

On p. 2973, Tg(mylz2:egfp) was incorrectly attributed (Ju et al., 2003). This transgenic fish line was made using the same DNA construct but in the Ingham laboratory (von Hofsten et al., 2008) and has the full name Tg(-2.2mylz2:GFP)i135 (see,ZDB-GENOX-081230-24).

von Hofsten, J., Elworthy, S., Gilchrist, M. J., Smith, J. C., Wardle, F. C. and Ingham, P. W. (2008). Prdm1- and Sox6-mediated transcriptional repression specifies muscle fibre type in the zebrafish embryo. EMBO Rep.9, 683-689.

The authors apologise to readers for this mistake.