There were errors published in Development139, 231-243.

On page 238, the citation to Jin and Ding (2006a) should be to Jin and Ding (2006b). The incorrect reference was listed for Pauws et al. (2009). The correct reference is given below.

The authors apologise to readers for these mistakes.

Pauws, E., Hoshino, A., Bentley, L., Prajapati, S., Keller, C., Hammond, P., Martinez-Barbera, J. P., Moore, G. E. and Stanier, P. (2009). Tbx22null mice have a submucous cleft palate due to reduced palatal bone formation and also display ankyloglossia and choanal atresia phenotypes. Hum. Mol. Genet.18, 4171-4179.