The epidermal cells of the juvenile leaves of maize are covered by a wax layer. glossy mutants are known which reduce drastically wax deposition. We have used the somatically unstable glossy-1 mutable 8 allele to study the distribution on the epidermis of spontaneous revertant sectors of wild- type tissues. Sectors tend to start and end at positions that correlate with the location on the epidermis of the long costal cells of ribs. It is concluded that in the protoderm only a few cells have a role and position in the generation of each of the developmental modules located between leaf midrib and margin. The module consists of an epidermal strip of cells bordered by two lateral ribs. The module originates from at least 4 cells, with one cel l being the progenitor of the other three. Data are provided describing the mode of longitudinal anticlinal epidermal cell divisions within the module that are responsible for the increase in leaf width. The results suggest the existence of a clonal type of development during early leaf epidermis formation.

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