To identify the origin of the primordial pituitary stages of amphibian embryos before the formation of its equivalent, transplantation experiments were Wild-type embryos at the open neurula stage were albino embryos at the corresponding stage as and pituitary cells of wild-type animals contain a melanin granules, whereas albino cells are devoid of granules enabled the fate of transplants to be traced. part of the neural ridge (ANR) was found to be the source of the secretory cells in the epithelial distalis, pars intermedia and pars tuberalis). either the central part of the anterior neural plate revealed that the pituitary primordium and the anlage hypothalamus (infundibulum) are closely apposed at the stage. As morphogenetic movement proceeds, each of the takes a separate migration route. The former part (NP) ventrocaudal route to become the diencephalic floor, part (ANR) takes a rostroventral route to acquire with the anterodorsal wall of the foregut before the epithelial hypophysis. At the end of the tail-bud again beneath the diencephalic floor and establish a

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