Fate maps of chick Hensen's node were generated using DiI and the lineage of individual cells studied by intracellular injection of lysine-rhodamine-dextran (LRD). The cell types contained within the node are organized both spatially and temporally. At the definitive primitive streak stage (Hamburger and Hamilton stage 4), Hensen's node contains presumptive notochord cells mainly in its anterior midline and presumptive somite cells in more lateral regions. Early in development it also contains presumptive endoderm cells. At all stages studied (stages 3–9), some individual cells contribute progeny to more than one of these tissues. The somitic precursors in Hensen's node only contribute to the medial halves of the somites. The lateral halves of the somites are derived from a separate region in the primitive streak, caudal to Hensen's node.

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