A reader alerted the journal to duplicated images in Fig. 2C and Fig. 4D of Development (2019) 146, dev175547 (doi:10.1242/dev.175547).

In the top panel of Fig. 4D, the bottom part of Stage I and the top part of Stage II-III images show an overlap. This is permissible since spermatogenesis is a continuous process from stage I to stage XII in seminiferous tubules and the panels are all from the same animal. The authors have, however, added an explanation to the legend to avoid any misunderstanding.

The authors mistakenly used the wrong merge image for WT histone H4 in the bottom row when assembling Fig. 2C. The corrected and original figure panels are shown below.

Both the online full-text and PDF versions have been updated and the authors apologize to readers for these errors and any inconvenience they may have caused.