There was an error published in Development 142, 3529-3536.

The concentrations of two drugs were wrongly reported. The correct values are 200 nM (not 500 μM) TSA and 500 μM (not 200 nM) VPA. Corrected sentences read as follows.

On p. 3531: To test the requirement for histone deacetylation of Atoh1 during postnatal downregulation, we treated P1 organ cultures for 6 or 24 h with 500 μM valproic acid (VPA), a broad-spectrum histone deacetylase inhibitor (HDACi) (Göttlicher et al., 2001) (Fig. 3C).

On p. 3534: Embryonic cochlear cultures were placed directly in the drug/vehicle; postnatal cultures were allowed to recover for 2-3 hours before administering the drugs [30 μM curcumin (Enzo Life Sci, ALX-350-M010), 250 μM BA (Enzo Life Sci, ALX-778-649-18-6), 200 nM TSA (Sigma) and 500 μM VPA (Sigma)].

The authors apologise to readers for this mistake.