We have studied the intercellular communication pathways in early embryos of the ascidian Ciona intestinalis. In two different series of experiments, we injected iontophoretically the dyes Lucifer Yellow and Fluorescein Complexon, and we analysed the spread of fluorescence to the neighbouring cells. We found that before the 32-cell stage no dye spread occurs between nonsister cells, whereas sister cells are dye-coupled, possibly via cytoplasmic bridges. After the 32-cell stage, dye spread occurs throughout the embryo. However, electrophysiological experiments showed that nonsister cells are ionically coupled before the 32-cell stage. We also found that at the 4-cell stage junctional conductance between nonsister cells is voltage dependent, which suggests that conductance is mediated by gap junctions in a way similar to that observed in other embryos.

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