Lipid distribution in an organism is mediated by the interplay between lipoprotein particles, lipoprotein receptors and class B scavenger receptors of the CD36 family. CD36 is a multifunctional protein mediating lipid uptake, mobilization and signaling at the plasma membrane and inside of the cell. The CD36 protein family has 14 members in Drosophila melanogaster, which allows for the differentiated analysis of their functions. Here, we unravel a role for the so far uncharacterized scavenger receptor Bez in lipid export from Drosophila adipocytes. Bez shares the lipid binding residue with CD36 and is expressed at the plasma membrane of the embryonic, larval and adult fat body. Bez loss of function lowers the organismal availability of storage lipids and blocks the maturation of egg chambers in ovaries. We demonstrate that Bez interacts with the APOB homolog Lipophorin at the plasma membrane of adipocytes and trace the Bez-dependent transfer of an alkyne-labeled fatty acid from adipocytes to Lipophorin. Our study demonstrates how lipids are distributed by scavenger receptor–lipoprotein interplay and contribute to the metabolic control of development.

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