Abscission is the final step of cytokinesis that allows the physical separation of sister cells through the scission of the cellular membrane. This deformation is driven by ESCRT-III proteins, which can bind membranes and form dynamic helices. A crucial step in abscission is the recruitment of ESCRT-III proteins at the right time and place. Alix is one of the best characterized proteins that recruits ESCRT-III proteins from yeast to mammals. However, recent studies in vivo have revealed that pathways acting independently or redundantly with Alix are also required at abscission sites in different cellular contexts. Here, we show that Lgd acts redundantly with Alix to properly localize ESCRT-III to the abscission site in germline stem cells (GSCs) during Drosophila oogenesis. We further demonstrate that Lgd is phosphorylated at multiple sites by the CycB/Cdk1 kinase. We found that these phosphorylation events potentiate the activity of Shrub, a Drosophila ESCRT-III, during abscission of GSCs. Our study reveals that redundancy between Lgd and Alix, and coordination with the cell cycle kinase Cdk1, confers robust and timely abscission of Drosophila germline stem cells.

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