Teleost testis development during the annual cycle involves dramatic changes in cellular compositions and molecular events. In this study, the testicular cells derived from adult black rockfish at distinct stages – regressed, regenerating and differentiating – were meticulously dissected via single-cell transcriptome sequencing. A continuous developmental trajectory of spermatogenic cells, from spermatogonia to spermatids, was delineated, elucidating the molecular events involved in spermatogenesis. Subsequently, the dynamic regulation of gene expression associated with spermatogonia proliferation and differentiation was observed across spermatogonia subgroups and developmental stages. A bioenergetic transition from glycolysis to mitochondrial respiration of spermatogonia during the annual developmental cycle was demonstrated, and a deeper level of heterogeneity and molecular characteristics was revealed by re-clustering analysis. Additionally, the developmental trajectory of Sertoli cells was delineated, alongside the divergence of Leydig cells and macrophages. Moreover, the interaction network between testicular micro-environment somatic cells and spermatogenic cells was established. Overall, our study provides detailed information on both germ and somatic cells within teleost testes during the annual reproductive cycle, which lays the foundation for spermatogenesis regulation and germplasm preservation of endangered species.

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