Mammalian oocyte maturation is a unique asymmetric division, which is mainly because of actin-based spindle migration to the cortex. In the present study, we report that a kinesin motor KIFC1, which is associated with microtubules for the maintenance of spindle poles in mitosis, is also involved in actin dynamics in murine oocyte meiosis, co-localizing with microtubules during mouse oocyte maturation. Depletion of KIFC1 caused the failure of polar body extrusion, and we found that meiotic spindle formation and chromosome alignment were disrupted. This might be because of the effects of KIFC1 on HDAC6 and NAT10-based tubulin acetylation, which further affected microtubule stability. Mass spectroscopy analysis revealed that KIFC1 also associated with several actin nucleation factors and we found that KIFC1 was essential for the distribution of actin filaments, which further affected spindle migration. Depletion of KIFC1 leaded to aberrant expression of formin 2 and the ARP2/3 complex, and endoplasmic reticulum distribution was also disturbed. Exogenous KIFC1 mRNA supplement could rescue these defects. Taken together, as well as its roles in tubulin acetylation, our study reported a previously undescribed role of kinesin KIFC1 on the regulation of actin dynamics for spindle migration in mouse oocytes.

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