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Unconventional and emerging experimental organisms in developmental biology

The increasing use of less well-studied organisms in developmental biology allows us to tackle fundamental questions around the evolution of multicellular life, body plans and structures, to investigate conserved and divergent cell biological processes and to provide insight into the mechanisms responsible for developmental pattern formation, regeneration, homeostasis and ageing.

This collection of review and research articles published over the past year highlights the diverse range of model systems now amenable to experimental study, and showcases the knowledge that can be gained from their use. Released to coincide with Development's meeting on the same topic, we hope it will inspire future research in this area, and signal the journal's interest in supporting the field.

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Magdalena Schindler; Marco Osterwalder; Izabela Harabula; Lars Wittler; Athanasia C. Tzika; Dina K. N. Dechmann; Martin Vingron; Axel Visel; Stefan A. Haas; Francisca M. Real
Guillermo Serrano Nájera; Cornelis J. Weijer
Stephany Foster; Nathalie Oulhen; Tara Fresques; Hossam Zaki; Gary Wessel
Gina Broitman-Maduro; Simo Sun; Taisei Kikuchi; Morris F. Maduro
Daniel Conde; Paolo M. Triozzi; Wendell J. Pereira; Henry W. Schmidt; Kelly M. Balmant; Sara A. Knaack; Arturo Redondo-López; Sushmita Roy; Christopher Dervinis; Matias Kirst
Wilhelm Bouchereau; Luc Jouneau; Catherine Archilla; Irène Aksoy; Anais Moulin; Nathalie Daniel; Nathalie Peynot; Sophie Calderari; Thierry Joly; Murielle Godet; Yan Jaszczyszyn; Marine Pratlong; Dany Severac; Pierre Savatier; Véronique Duranthon; Marielle Afanassieff; Nathalie Beaujean
Christine Hirschberger; J. Andrew Gillis
Tyler J. Carrier; Thomas C. G. Bosch
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