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Centenary Articles

Centenary Articles are a series of commissioned Commentaries, Reviews and Perspectives to mark the centenary of JEB in 2023. Their aim is to document the past, present and future of experimental biology and to highlight the discipline breadth and depth of JEB over the past 100 years.

Other content relating to the journal centenary can be found on our centenary webpage and JEB: 100 Years of Discovery subject collection.

Other subject collections

Special Collection Image
Fleur Ponton; Yin Xun Tan; Casey C. Forster; Alexander J. Austin; Sinead English; Sheena C. Cotter; Kenneth Wilson
Stan L. Lindstedt; Hans Hoppeler
Kathleen M. Gilmour; Monica A. Daley; Stuart Egginton; Almut Kelber; Matthew J. McHenry; Sheila N. Patek; Sanjay P. Sane; Patricia M. Schulte; John S. Terblanche; Patricia A. Wright; Craig E. Franklin
Lauren Sumner-Rooney
Andy J. Turko; Britney L. Firth; Paul M. Craig; Erika J. Eliason; Graham D. Raby; Brittney G. Borowiec
Angel Ariel Caputi
Kathryn Knight
Kathryn Knight
Kevin T. Roberts; Andre Szejner-Sigal; Philipp Lehmann
Yun-Wei Dong
Daniel P. Costa; Arina B. Favilla
Paweł Brzęk
Chloé Lahondère
Zoe Dellaert; Hollie M. Putnam
Daniel Tomsic; Ana C. Silva
Brittney G. Borowiec
Anthony P. Farrell
Auke J. Ijspeert; Monica A. Daley
Kirsty J. MacLeod; Sinead English; Suvi K. Ruuskanen; Barbara Taborsky
Martin Tresguerres; Garfield T. Kwan; Alyssa Weinrauch
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