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Perspectives on Translational Research

Editorials published in DMM discuss a wide range of issues important to our community of researchers in the biomedical sciences. These articles present an author's opinion on a controversial topic, highlight advances that will impact a field, outline new policies, raise challenging questions or propose a new idea.

Other subject collections

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Jessica A. Belser; Troy J. Kieran; Zoë A. Mitchell; Xiangjie Sun; Kristin Mayfield; Terrence M. Tumpey; Jessica R. Spengler; Taronna R. Maines
Mark E. Hahn; Kirsten C. Sadler
Monica J. Justice; Julija Hmeljak; Vijay G. Sankaran; Merav Socolovsky; Leonard I. Zon
Stephanie E. Mohr; Norbert Perrimon
Antonis K. Hatzopoulos
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