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Focus on the cardiovascular system

Cardiovascular development has been a research focus for several decades. Recent technological advances in genome editing, epigenomic analyses, in vivo lineage tracing and microscopy, as well as dramatic advances in stem cell-based models, have allowed heart and vascular development to be interrogated from new perspectives and at a deeper level than ever before. Moreover, recent developments have illustrated how principles of embryonic development can be harnessed for healing and homeostasis, as well as understanding the factors underlying cardiac regeneration.

Curated for the 2024 Weinstein Cardiovascular Development and Regeneration Conference, this collection highlights recent research and review-type articles from Development on the topic. We hope you find this collection interesting and welcome your submissions for consideration by our expert Academic Editors from the field including Benoit Bruneau.

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  • Special Collection Image
    Thomas Juan; Greta Ebnicher
    Yao Yao; Deepam Gupta; Deborah Yelon
    Eugene E. Kim; Akshay Shekhar; Jayalakshmi Ramachandran; Alireza Khodadadi-Jamayran; Fang-Yu Liu; Jie Zhang; Glenn I. Fishman
    Hannah E. Jones; Vanessa Coelho-Santos; Stephanie K. Bonney; Kelsey A. Abrams; Andy Y. Shih; Julie A. Siegenthaler
    Arndt F. Siekmann
    Renee G. C. Maas; Floor W. van den Dolder; Qianliang Yuan; Jolanda van der Velden; Sean M. Wu; Joost P. G. Sluijter; Jan W. Buikema
    Anupama Rao; Baken Lyu; Ishrat Jahan; Anna Lubertozzi; Gao Zhou; Frank Tedeschi; Eckhard Jankowsky; Junsu Kang; Bryan Carstens; Kenneth D. Poss; Kedryn Baskin; Joseph Aaron Goldman
    Daniele Ottaviani; Menno ter Huurne; David A. Elliott; Milena Bellin; Christine L. Mummery
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