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Focus on regeneration

Tissue regeneration is a fascinating phenomenon, but the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying regeneration, as well as the determinants of regenerative capacity across time, space and evolution, remain incompletely understood. Moreover, improving our ability to harness regenerative potential has clear therapeutic relevance.

This collection has been compiled to accompany the SNU conference on Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Development and Regeneration in Delhi, India, which will be attended by Executive Editor Katherine Brown. The collection showcases some of the most recent regenerative biology research in Development, as well as review-type articles. Development is keen to continue supporting the regenerative biology field, and we welcome submissions of articles from the community, handled by our Associate Editor Kenneth Poss.

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  • Special Collection Image
    Benjamin Tajer; Jessica L. Whited
    Clayton J. Becker; Valentina Cigliola; Pierre Gillotay; Ashley Rich; Alessandro De Simone; Yanchao Han; Stefano Di Talia; Kenneth D. Poss
    Fei Sun; Kenneth D. Poss
    Yu-Lieh Lin; Ling Yu; Mingquan Yan; Katherine Zimmel; Osama Qureshi; Felisha Imholt; Tao Li; Ivan Ivanov; Regina Brunauer; Lindsay Dawson; Ken Muneoka
    Ahmed I. Mahmoud
    Bidushi Chandra; Matthew G. Voas; Erin L. Davies; Rachel H. Roberts-Galbraith
    Jian Xing; Agnieszka Lukomska; Bruce A. Rheaume; Juhwan Kim; Muhammad S. Sajid; Ashiti Damania; Ephraim F. Trakhtenberg
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