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Focus on neurogenesis

Neural development begins in the embryo, with the differentiation of neural progenitors and their subsequent assembly into functional circuits – processes that, in many species, continue beyond birth and that can, in some circumstances, be reactivated to drive repair following injury. Recent technological advances, such as the advent of brain organoids, are improving our understanding of how the nervous system forms in humans. There is also a growing link between processes that occur during neural development and the risk of neurodegenerative disorders. From an evolutionary perspective, interspecies differences in neural development can drive functional innovations, such as the increased processing power of the primate neocortex.

This collection of review-type and research articles, focussed particularly on neurogenesis, has been curated to complement the 2024 Fusion Neurogenesis Conference in Cancun, Mexico – at which our Reviews Editor Laura Hankins will be present. We hope you find the collection interesting, and we welcome your own submissions for consideration by our expert Academic Editors from the field, including François Guillemot, Debra Silver and Steve Wilson.

Special Collection Image
Colette Dehay; Wieland B. Huttner
Ingvild Lynneberg Glærum; Keagan Dunville; Kristian Moan; Maike Krause; Nicola Pietro Montaldo; Hinako Kirikae; Maximiliano Jose Nigro; Pål Sætrom; Barbara van Loon; Giulia Quattrocolo
Marco Massimo; Katherine R. Long
Aitor Bañón; Berta Alsina
Sulov Saha; Thomas Jungas; David Ohayon; Christophe Audouard; Tao Ye; Mohamad-Ali Fawal; Alice Davy
Lucia Gomez; Christelle Cadilhac; Julien Prados; Nandkishor Mule; Denis Jabaudon; Alexandre Dayer
Biren M. Dave; Xin Chen; Fraser McCready; Connor S. Charton; Rachel M. Morley; Jignesh K. Tailor; James Ellis; Xi Huang; Peter B. Dirks
Sophie E. Keegan; Julie Haskins; Andrew J. Simmonds; Sarah C. Hughes
Khadijeh Shabani; Bassem A. Hassan
Sabina Kanton; Sergiu P. Paşca
Thomas Becker; Catherina G. Becker
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