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In vitro models of development

In recent years, there has been rapid progress in the generation of 2D and 3D models of development in vitro, from micropatterns and controlled cell-culture conditions to organoids, gastruloids and stem cell-based embryo models. These approaches have allowed us to probe deeper into developmental biology, not only to reveal the mechanical, chemical and cellular roles of self-organisation, morphogenesis and differentiation, but also to provide surrogates to study inaccessible stages of development in humans and other mammals.

This collection highlights recent research and review-type articles discussing the wide range of in vitro systems models used to study developmental principles. We hope you find this collection interesting and welcome your own submissions for consideration by our expert Academic Editors from the field including James Briscoe, Matthias Lutolf and James Wells.

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    Naomi Moris; Roger Sturmey
    Christopher B. Cooke; Christopher Barrington; Peter Baillie-Benson; Jennifer Nichols; Naomi Moris
    Nicole A. Repina; Hunter J. Johnson; Xiaoping Bao; Joshua A. Zimmermann; David A. Joy; Shirley Z. Bi; Ravi S. Kane; David V. Schaffer
    Daniele Ottaviani; Menno ter Huurne; David A. Elliott; Milena Bellin; Christine L. Mummery
    Akaljot Singh; Holly M. Poling; Praneet Chaturvedi; Konrad Thorner; Nambirajan Sundaram; Daniel O. Kechele; Charlie J. Childs; Heather A. McCauley; Garrett W. Fisher; Nicole E. Brown; Jason R. Spence; James M. Wells; Michael A. Helmrath
    Sabina Kanton; Sergiu P. Paşca
    JiSoo Park; Hao-An Hsiung; Irina Khven; Gioele La Manno; Matthias P. Lutolf
    Aidan H. Terhune; Jeyoon Bok; Shiyu Sun; Jianping Fu
    Clara Munger; Timo N. Kohler; Erin Slatery; Anna L. Ellermann; Sophie Bergmann; Christopher A. Penfold; Ioakeim Ampartzidis; Yutong Chen; Florian Hollfelder; Thorsten E. Boroviak
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