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Summary: The Arp2/3 complex stimulates formation of branched actin filament networks and exhibits isoform diversity in mammals. We show how different Arp2/3 subunit isoforms contribute to differences in complex function.

Summary Statement: Heterozygosity for the brain sulfate transporter Slc13a4 during postnatal development results in life-long abnormal hippocampal neurogenesis.

Summary: In C2C12 myoblasts, HSP70 overexpression does not alter proliferation or differentiation but enhances fusion to increase myotube size.

Summary: During the assessment of the visual detection distance of transgenic Danio rerio larvae in response to a visual stimulus using selective plane illumination microscopy, we found that the distance is shorter at elevated temperatures.

Summary: A point mutation in the nucleotide biosynthetic enzyme CTP synthase dominantly inhibits its polymerization and can be used to suppress CTPS assembly in a tissue-specific manner in vivo. Disrupting assembly in ovarian germline cells reduces egg production, demonstrating a functional role for CTPS assembly.

Summary: Walking after a stroke may be energetically consuming. Here, we show how compensations and asymmetries may contribute to increasing the amount of work needed to walk following a stroke.

Summary: Modulation of Cdc2 activity can change the extent of Spc1 activation and preserve mitotic fidelity in Schizosaccharomyces pombe cells.

Summary: Lean Dictyostelium mutants that fail to produce storage fat, survive starvation and succeed in spore formation, whereas cell strains impaired in ether-type membrane lipid production are perturbed in phagocytosis.

Summary: Filament formation by eIF2B is an adaptive mechanism that allows for efficient shutdown of translation in starved yeast cells.

Summary:Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells lose motility and excise flagella upon application of pungent TRP channel agonists such as capsaicin and gingerol, likely through TRP channel activity, including ADF1.

Summary: This article reported for the first time that inhibition of BMSCs osteogenic differentiation by downregulated BMAL1 in T2DM was mediated by p53.

Summary: Post-stress 5-HT signalling decrease with parasite density in killifish infected with brain-dwelling Euhaplorchis californiensis metacercariae, in a manner consistent with decreased impulse control and increased risk taking in infected fish.


Summary: A novel technique to measure sperm mitochondrial respiratory efficiency, an overlooked parameter of sperm quality that might contribute in unveiling mechanisms driving the intraspecific variability in sperm performance.


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