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Summary: Overexpression of Pry3, a GPI-anchored cell wall protein inhibits the yeast mating reaction. Here we show that this mating inhibition depends on highly conserved residues within the CAP/SCP/TAPS domain of Pry3.

Summary: Wnt1-Cre2;Meis2fl/fl mutants have perturbed Shh activity in the oral region of the mandibular arch, which leads to specification failure of NCCs in the tongue primordium and ectopic ossification at the expense of glossogenesis, which are hallmarks of several mouse mutants with eliminated Shh activity.

Summary: The radiosensitizing effect of Wnt7a in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Summary: This paper documents requirements for several regulators of microtubule assembly and stability during the early steps of acentrosomal meiotic spindle assembly in Caenorhabditis elegans oocytes.

Summary: Knockdown of NEAT1 hampered sepsis progression by downregulating Irak2 via interacting with miR-370-3p in LPS-induced RAW 264.7 and HL-1 cells.

Summary: Targeted mutations were generated for each of the three gata4/5/6 genes in zebrafish to define functions for individual or combinations of these related transcription factors during cardiogenesis.

Summary: MORN2, whose stability is regulated by the ubiquitin-proteasome system, functions as a limiting factor for LAP via the regulation of SNAP-23 membrane trafficking for ROS production within macrophage phagosomes.

Summary: Ablation of S1P in the osterix-lineage downregulates bone development due to hematopoietic progenitor alterations that increase bone marrow neutrophils with accompanying increases in stefin proteins with osteogenic inhibitory activity.

Summary: Red–blue LED lights are being used in greenhouses to improve plant growth. The changed light spectrum may affect pollinators. We studied how these lights affect landing performance of foraging bumblebees.

Summary: We developed a new treatment-naive quiescent rat choroidal neovascularization model by VEGF overexpression, allowing the long-term investigation of new drugs.

Summary: Our study shows seasonal variation in lizard dorsal colour as a potential adaptive trait in response to environmental background change, and highlights the importance of collecting colour data throughout the year.


Summary: A suggested method for tracking large populations (n=200) of small (<1 mm length) zooplankton for behavior study when exposed to stimuli.

Summary: Model selection-based statistics is a promising new avenue for analyzing circular data. We describe a procedure to control the type I error rate.


Summary: We have developed a computational pipeline, using neural networks, which enables automated high-throughput adenine auxotrophy-based screening and quantification. Our pipeline speeds up white/red color quantification by 100-fold with very high accuracy and can be smoothly integrated into existing protocols.

Summary: Drug insolubility and a lack of a continuous delivery system are big challenges for large-scale compound screenings in flies. The authors developed a U-GLAD system that can successfully solve these issues.


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