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Summary: Vascular non-inflammatory molecule 1 (vannin-1) is elevated in intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR) asthmatic mice, leading to activation of the PI3K/Akt/NFκB pathway responsible for bronchial oxidative stress and hyperresponsiveness.

Summary: This paper is important for understanding karyotype evolutionary dynamics in Amazonian turtles, focusing on physical mapping of repetitive DNA sequences.

Summary: A mutation study of cytoplasmically targeted aldehyde dehydrogenase Ald4p was conducted to show that the Ald4p structure formation is coupled to the regulation of its enzymatic activity.

Summary: Nucleolar stress (loss of ribosome production/function) in certain human progenitor or stem cells results in disease. In fruit flies, larval mushroom body neuroblasts are relatively resilient to nucleolar stress.

Summary: By coupling human medical genetics and in vivo functional analysis we show that GABRA1 regulates motility and the expression of specific subunits of the GABAA receptor during zebrafish development.

Summary: The cerebellum was believed to have no role in controlling eupneic respiration. Our findings suggest a cerebellar involvement in the coordination of breathing with other orofacial movements, such as swallowing.

Summary: We investigated the effects of starvation on sex differentiation in medaka. Starvation caused female-to-male sex reversal through pantothenate metabolism, fatty acid synthesis and dmrt1 expression.

Summary: Tangles are used to model protein-DNA complexes. A three-dimensional ball represents protein while strings embedded in this ball represent protein-bound DNA. We used this simple model to analyze experimental results.


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