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Summary: Fungi of the phylum Basidiomycota can make bioactive natural products. We discuss recent advances of tools for genome and metabolome studies that will facilitate natural product discovery and characterisation.


Summary: We report a novel sh3pxd2b mutant zebrafish model that develops cutaneous and musculoskeletal fibrosis, similar to that observed in people with Frank-Ter Haar syndrome.

Summary: Our findings provided a new role of miR-9-5p/PPAR in the occurrence and development of HS fibroblasts, promising a new target for HS.

Summary: The plant-derived compound harmine shows efficacy in enhancing the effects of existing HIV latency-reversing drugs.

Summary: Our study identifies the role of parasite chorismate synthase and salicylic acid on host immunopathology and disease manifestation in cerebral malaria and points towards a pathway associated with salicylic acid-mediated autophagy of the malaria parasite.

Summary: We describe the development and validation of a hepatocyte differentiation protocol using iPSCs from a panel of NASH donors and healthy controls.

Summary: Under physiological conditions, CD47 differentially regulates white fat and brown fat function. Through a coordinated manner, altered fuel availability via white adipose tissue lipolysis may influence brown adipose tissue energy expenditure and then body weight management.

Summary: For spiders, the bouncing gait and the hydraulic system contribute to the lower transport cost at low speed, while the hydraulic system greatly increases the transport cost at high speed.

Summary: Neuronal expression of an ALS-associated mutation in a DNA/RNA-binding protein disrupts the organization and function of the C. elegans neuromuscular junction.

Summary:Drosophila MICOS knockdown impairs mitochondrial structure and function and promotes mitophagy in muscle tissue.

Summary: The Zika KnowledgeBase collects and integrates literature and experimental data based on Zika virus pathobiology for future emerging epidemics.


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