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Summary: The review discusses the occurrence and biological relevance of auxin transport via plasmodesmata in plants. Physical modes of transport of this hormone, feedbacks on its movement and evolutionary aspects are included.


Summary: RGA-8, a protein with membrane binding and actin regulatory motifs, promotes embryonic morphogenesis by localizing active CDC-42 in developing epithelia, and controlling actin and actin motors during cell movements.

Summary: Antibiotic treatments in bee colonies cause an increase or decrease in rate of behavioral development and lipid stores of workers, affecting fat body–interaction, likely through effects on microbiota.

Summary: This study found high levels of MIF expression in BPH epithelium. MIF promoted BPH epithelial cell growth and participated in the progression of BPH by regulating COX-2 and P53 signaling

Summary: GRP78 is highly expressed in the lung cancer tissue, and targeted inhibition of GRP78 by HA15 promotes apoptosis of lung cancer cells accompanied by endoplasmic reticulum stress and autophagy.

Summary: A single meal immediately before oviposition is sufficient to influence offspring survival, growth, and daughters' reproduction in the sheetweb spider Hylyphantes graminicola.

Summary: Royal jelly (RJ) modulates the reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels and some metabolic defects that associated with hyper TORC1 activity in a Drosophila model.

Summary: In this study, we examine the hydrodynamics and kinematics of escape jets in squids throughout ontogeny using 2D/3D velocimetry and high-speed videography.

Summary: Immunohistochemical analysis showed positive immunolabeling for amyloid-beta peptide and phosphorylated tau in the cerebral and cerebellar cortex of toothed whales. These findings could be linked to hypoxic phenomena.


Summary: We present a user-friendly Fiji plugin to annotate movies with custom arrows, thereby providing biologists with no coding experience an easy tool to highlight dynamic processes in their movies.

Summary: Using various tools including western blotting and immunofluorescence microscopy, it was observed that autophagic flux probes are the most robust tools to quantitatively assess cellular autophagy.

Summary: Sharing an effective procedure to quality control the near-haploid HAP1 cells for standardized comparison to CRISPR/Cas9 modified versions and demonstrating the need for controlling the spontaneous diploidization of HAP1 cultures.

Summary: Progressive tracking is a novel procedure for manual point digitization in markerless videos. It allows for tracking points efficiently without the need to click all individual frames.

Summary: Sarti et al. describe miniCoopR-I inducible vectors, a refined tool to study the impact exerted by pigmentation on melanogenesis (during embryonic development) versus melanomagenesis (in adult zebrafish).

Summary: We developed a reliable whole life cycle culture method for the hydrozoan jellyfish Clytia hemisphaerica, a model animal for genetics and developmental biology.


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