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Summary: This meeting review provides details on a potential future direction for scientific conferences that incorporates restrictions relevant to the current pandemic and climate change.


Summary: Our findings clearly establish that the Drosha/DGCR8 complex processes a subset of scaRNAs, and further strengthens the connection between CBs and the miRNA processing machinery.

Summary: The Rab11 effectors fip5a and fip5b function in parallel to regulate apical trafficking and microvilli establishment during zebrafish intestinal development. Moreover, cells upregulate Fip1 to compensate for loss of Fip5.

Summary: The radula is the food-processing organ in Mollusca and one key innovation. By employing high resolution video footage we documented distinct motion patterns while feeding and discovered that the animals can use the radula as counter bearings enabling the tearing of large food items.

Summary: A Drosophila gene-replacement model of ALS exhibits age-dependent dismantling of the neuromuscular junction.

Summary: This investigation examined running speed, thigh motion and vertical force determinants. Results suggest thigh angular velocity is strongly correlated to speed and the lower limb impact kinematics underlying force application.

Summary: Basal media influence differentiation potential of porcine mesenchymal stem cells (pMSCs). We report here αMEM/aDMEM generates pMSC subpopulations expressing osteogenic markers and differentiate efficiently to osteogenic cells.

Summary: Levels of the stress biomarker corticosterone predict breeding success in female tree swallows. However, correlations between hormone levels and fitness differ between life-history stages.

Summary: SARS-CoV2 has caused an outbreak globally and is responsible for high mortality and morbidity. Interaction of the receptor-binding domain of spike protein of this virus with human angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE2) is vital for the infection. Hence, a de novo designed hybrid antiviral molecule (VTAR-01) targeting RBD-ACE2 interaction may play a very significant role in controlling the COVID-19 disease.

Summary: The consequences that an intestinal bacterium will cause on host longevity and health exist in a continuum. Host genetics is important to determine where a bacterial strain may lie in this continuum.

Summary: Aggresomes of alpha-synuclein – the main component of the Lewy bodies in Parkinson's disease – prevent microtubule nucleation by the centrosome and inhibit cells, including olfactory neurons, from making cilia.


Summary: The SubcellularDistribution pipeline is an open-source, automated, and customizable tool that guides users through image segmentation, data processing and visualization to analyze object-based colocalization within fluorescence microscopy images.

Summary: A new method to identify modules in anatomical networks without optimization and statistically assess their degree of overlap. This method will assist researchers in identifying meaningful biological modules.

Summary: We offer a highly accurate and efficient method for an automatic calculation of Drosophila melanogaster imagoes with the use of the SeedCounter application for mobile devices running Android operating system.

Summary: We have designed an optimized and integrating inducible-promoter system to control the timing, spatial domains, and levels of gene misexpression throughout avian development.



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