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Summary: We report for the first time the microflora of six loggerhead sea turtle nests on the Sicilian coast, and associated failed hatchings.

Summary: This study provides evidence to demonstrate that organic osmolytes such as taurine contribute to the inflation of the brain ventricle via the volume-sensitive organic osmolyte-anion channel during zebrafish embryogenesis.

Summary: We report a novel insertion mutation of ERBB2, which enhances breast cancer cell growth and confers resistance to lapatinib. Combination of the AKT inhibitor with lapatinib can overcome this resistance.

Summary: In this study, bird-borne cameras were used to investigate the factors influencing capture success, chase and handling time, and prey profitability in Australasian gannets.

Summary: BAG6 is critical for the insulin-stimulated translocation of GLUT4 from its peri-nuclear storage compartments to the cell surface.

Summary: This article presents a new R-script for analysis of data containing a subpopulation of false-negative individuals, for example, the population of infected individuals that scored negatively in a serological assay.

Summary: Selective targeting of mRNA and the following protein synthesis of CaMKIIalpha at neuronal plasticity-induced sites may be one of important processes for establishment of long-term memory.

Summary: Survival of coral juveniles under heat stress can be significantly improved by breeding corals from historically warmer reefs with those from cooler reefs, and the provisioning with heat tolerant symbionts.

Summary: The sequential phosphorylation of the linker domain of PHF10 subunit of PBAF chromatin remodeling complex is triggered by two primarily phosphorylated serines and determines the different properties of PHF10 isoforms.

Summary: Enhancing mitochondria–ER contacts ameliorates locomotor phenotypes and extends lifespan in a fly model of Alzheimer's disease.

Summary: We analysed a cellular structure formed by changes associated with exposure to light in the compound eyes of Drosophila white mutants, white; yata mutants and aged flies.

Summary: Here we demonstrate that 10% deformation at 0.33 Hz of trout cardiac fibroblasts stimulates p38-JNK-ERK mitogen activated protein kinase pathways. This suggests that mechanotransductive pathways trigger cardiac remodeling in trout.

Summary: Spatial regulation of a cell surface glycoprotein defines the territory of germline stem cells.

Summary: This study describes a novel two-dimensional culture method for maintaining intestinal stem cells (ISCs) derived from human iPS cells. The enterocytes differentiated from maintained ISCs showed pharmacokinetics functions.


Summary: We describe a simplified roadmap to study the role of bioelectricity, in particular individual ions, in cell biological processes.

Summary: An improved in-gel activity assay visualized respiratory chain complexes III, IV and supercomplexes through cytochrome c. Pre-incubation of detergents enhanced the in-gel activity assay.


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