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Summary: In the parasitic wasp Nasonia, Tsl, a key component of the process that defines the termini of the embryo of Drosophila, has a function in the structure of the vitelline membrane.

Summary: This article is about how Apolipoprotein L9, a lipid-binding protein, has versatile properties and influences a variety of processes taking place inside an animal cell.

Summary: Our research is the first to characterize the role of circPVT1 in the initiation and progression of HCC. CircPVT1 could be applied as a potential biomarker for the early screening of HCC.

Summary: NEBULIN-related nemaline myopathy currently has no treatment. We attempted to uncover new avenues for therapy by performing modifier screens, which unfortunately failed to identify modifiers that improved disease relevant phenotypes.

Summary:Bx-cpi-1, a variant of a type II cystatin gene, was abundantly expressed in the reproductive organs of Bursaphelenchusxylophilus, and involved in the development and pathogenicity of B. xylophilus.

Summary: The availability of a reproducible animal model using current and clinically representative materials will facilitate translational research for innovative therapeutic approaches for prosthetic joint infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus.

Summary: The findings in this study illustrate how the dynamic behavior and interactions between critical duplication factors coordinate the centriole-duplication process in human cells, based on live-cell imaging of endogenously tagged proteins and mathematical modeling.

Summary: We here determine an interface between the IFT-B complex and the BBSome involving IFT38 and BBS1+BBS2+BBS9, and show that the interaction is crucial for GPR161 export from cilia.

Summary: The NS/CT-2A tumor model represents a valuable research platform for the study of innovative treatments aimed at eliminating GSCs and reversing the tumor-induced immunosuppression in HGGs.

Summary: The glutathione S-transferase gene of Medicago sativa can effectively alleviate osmotic and oxidative damage induced by saline-alkali stress in transgenic tobacco.

Summary: A small early endosomal RAB GTPase is found to interact with p24 family members, with potential impacts on p24 functions.

Summary: A function-blocking mutation in fgf8a causes craniofacial malformations in zebrafish larvae due to impaired cranial neural crest cell migration and survival.

Summary: Our findings reported that HE4 knockdown suppresses aggressive cell growth and malignant progression of ovarian cancer by inhibiting the JAK/STAT3 pathway, which could provide a valuable insight into developing novel HE4-targeted therapies.

Summary: The analysis of Chmp5 and Ist1, which belong to the two ESCRT auxiliary sub-complexes in Drosophila, suggests that these ESCRT proteins provide robustness against cold in diverse poikilothermic organisms.


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